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Happy New Year!

My wish for you is that 2018 is your best year ever.

And why wouldn’t it be with so much opportunity around!

2020 Vision Update

As is customary each January, I begin with a short review of where we are at with our 2020 Vision for our Top 5 Big Goals. As of right now, here’s where we stand:

  1. Create 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians: (Trust me, there’s lots!)
  2. Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events: Currently 74,342 attendees
  3. Distribute 1,000,000 Books: Currently 615,489 books
  4. Contribute $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes: Currently $471,591.60
  5. Plant 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil: Currently ZPE 27,006 / Clients 18,279 trees (we match you tree-for-tree)

Thanks to everyone that has contributed in some way, shape or form to these awesome and ever-increasing totals!

What’s HOT In 2018!

Now, let’s talk about the opportunities ahead, and check out my video of the month below where I kick off with What’s Hot in 2018. Here’s a short summary:

“Pot” Stocks

Right now both the U.S. and Canada are legalising the recreational use of marijuana. Seven States in the U.S. have already done so, and California has just joined them. Just so you know, California’s economy is reported to be the seventh or eighth largest economy in the world compared to other countries! Fortunes have been made over the past 3 or 4 years with smaller States legalising, and now with California joining, it’s set to skyrocket.

However, it’s not a smooth road in the U.S. because these State Laws are in conflict with Federal Drug Laws (and interests). The U.S. will have to get their act together because their northerly neighbour Canada is ahead of the pack.

They legalised medicinal marijuana for the whole country back in 2001, (whereas it’s still illegal in 21 U.S. States) and are set to legalise the recreational use of marijuana for the whole country by July this year.

Many of the stock prices of companies that produce, sell, distribute and supply this industry are headed to the moon, in my humble opinion.


I predict 2018 will be the year of MASS ADOPTION for crypto! Everyone knows about it, few do it or even know how to do it.

But that’s about to change. With Bitcoin Futures and ETF’s now on the US market and a cryptocurrency ETF likely in Australia in the next 6 months, it’s going to give main-stream money an easy way to get in. Don’t wait for that and don’t stick your head in the sand. This is just getting started and be sure to check out our Gift of the Month below.

Furthermore, I believe it will become widely used in everyday transactions soon enough, as it’s cheaper, faster and better than fiat currency, in general. And cheaper, faster and better always wins in the marketplace.

Remember, be sure to take advantage of our Gift of the Month below.

Positive Cashflow Property - Airbnb

Both Sydney and Melbourne property markets have had huge growth in prices, virtually doubling in the past 5 years. Now investors and owners will be looking for cashflow and lots of it.

Everyone knows about Airbnb, and quite a few are using it for travel accommodation, but not many are making a business of it. That too is about to change. Many negatively-geared investors have been forced to find a positive cashflow solution and many have found Airbnb. A huge opportunity exists to almost double the yields from ideal properties for this strategy.

Also, historically low-interest rates have fuelled huge asset price increases of property which has sparked a huge trend in ‘affordable housing’. Multiple Occupancy dwellings and New Generation boarding houses are becoming very popular as governments attempt to address affordable housing issues around the country. The yields (and manufactured capital growth) from these properties can be exceptional.

Oh, and the cashflow opportunities with these strategies in the other states are even greater due to the lower buy-in costs!

Online Shopping – Amazon

Online shopping trends continue to boom worldwide and with the launch of Amazon into the Australian marketplace late last year, things are heating up. In what I predict will be a slow and steady burn, Amazon will consistently creep into our lives and take market share from eBay and ‘bricks and mortar’ retail. Right now, my ‘Amazon go-to guy’ assures me practically every category on Amazon in Australia is starved for quality suppliers. The business opportunity with Amazon to create and sell products globally is beyond compare.

Precious Metals: Gold/Silver & Gold/Silver Mining Stocks

Practically the only asset class globally, nowhere near its all-time highs, are Gold and Silver. Silver is currently about 65% of it’s 2011 high’s and Gold is about 30% off its 2011 highs. Contrast this with Stocks, Real Estate and Bonds at all-time highs along with worldwide debt, both government, corporate and personal. It’s extraordinary!

The world’s financial elastic band has been stretched to breaking point and the central banks of China, Russia and India (and others) are quietly buying up thousands of tonnes of gold every month. Precious metals are off their 2016 lows and looking stronger.

Now gold and silver mining stocks are highly speculative, but if the base metal price rallies, the stock prices can go exponential. Many reputable sources believe these mining stocks may be undervalued at present.

So they’re my tips for what’s hot in 2018. But, let me be clear. None of what I have said above is financial advice or a recommendation to buy anything. You’re all big boys and girls and should do your own research.

As always, the key is education. Make a commitment right now to get the best education in the fields of your interest and stay ahead of the game.

And here, let me help you with my top pick for 2018...

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In this free, highly educational 90-minute Webinar event, youll discover:

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Fair warning: With only 99 spots available for this LIVE Webinar event, you simply can’t afford to miss this timely opportunity about the fastest-growing marketplace on the planet.

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Enjoy this month’s newsletter and I look forward to seeing you soon.

To Your Success,

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"Stuart is so skilled at getting
the very best out of people"

Sally from Adelaide flew up to Sydney for my Success Accelerator last month and felt so privileged to be there.

Check Out Why

"The amount of effort that guy
puts in, seriously, it's incredible!"

Melinda from the Blue Mountains feels a completely different person after attending my 3-day Success event in December.

Watch Her Inspiring Message

Last month I ran my 3-Day Success Accelerator event in Sydney... and it was incredible! Nearly 300 of our best clients raised the roof with their energy levels during what I strongly believe was our best event ever. And in support of that sentiment, long-standing clients Mike & Jenny from NSW attended and posted this beautiful message on my Facebook wall shortly after.

'The Trick To Money' by Stuart Wilde

In this insightful best-selling money book, Stuart Wilde shows you that money is merely a form of energy and that the difference between having it and not having it is merely a small but subtle shift in consciousness.

Wilde explains the extra-sensory perception of easy money and the metaphysics of being in the right place at the right time, with the right idea and the right attitude.

Like his other highly successful books, this work is chock full of useful information and practical ideas. His breezy and comical style makes for effortless reading as you plot your path to complete financial freedom.

Ingredients for Marinade:

1 tsp garlic, crushed
1 tsp ginger, crushed
1 tsp red chilli, crushed
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
4 tbsp Tamari Sauce or Soy Sauce

Ingredients for Rice Side

1 avocado, cut and cubed
1 spring onion, chopped
1 bunch fresh parsley leaves
2 cups of brown rice (or Quinoa)

Ingredients for Skewers:

4 cherry tomatoes
2 zucchini, cut into rounds
2 mushrooms, cut into halves
1 block tempeh, cut into squares
1 large red onion, cut into chunks
1 red, yellow or green pepper, cut into chunks
4 fresh pineapple chunks (drained if from a can)


1. Rinse rice, place in a saucepan with twice as much filtered water and a pinch of salt and simmer until rice absorbs all of the water for about 20 minutes or so.
2. Meanwhile, combine the marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
3. Skewer tempeh and veggies onto sticks and lay in a single layer on a lined baking tray.
4. Drizzle half the marinade over skewers and place them under a grill (or onto a BBQ) on medium heat until they just start to brown (just a few minutes).
5. Flip skewers over, drizzle with remaining marinade, and grill until golden brown.
6. Add remaining rice side ingredients to the pot of cooked rice and mix well.
7. Serve skewers with rice side, season with cracked black pepper and sea salt as required.

Happy Australia Day when it comes – Enjoy!

Makes 2 Skewers

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My 'Success Accelerator' Sydney, December 2017

Christmas Fruit Box from Adam, our AV Guru

Another Christmas Gift from Carmen (a key supplier)

GM Jasi scrambles for dibs on this massive hamper courtesy of Mark Rolton

Visiting the famous Gosford Glyphs, possibly the oldest writing in the world?

Stunning scenery as I snoop out a tree planting property in the Tweed Valley

Trekking en route to the Gosford Glyphs with team member Steve and partner Astrid

The spiritually important 'Grandmother Tree' near the Gosford Glyphs

Awesome national team members pitching in at Success Accelerator

Serran, Helen and Jasi out on an important coffee run!?

Smiles all round from Kalie and Dave at Success Accelerator

Sydney team member Anastasia on video duty

Team members Tumai and Stuart prep for Stuart's legendary 12-min workout

Celebrating office team member Hannah's birthday with cupcakes


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