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I’m excited to announce our first ever Webinar on precious metals this Thursday titled ‘Make Australia Gold Again!’, with Chief Economist, Jordan Eliseo from ABC Bullion.

This Webinar is very timely, as the mornings are getting very chilly, but the Australian financial situation is warming up... if not reaching boiling point right now!

Just recently, the government (almost secretly) introduced ‘Bail In’ laws for Australian banks and financial institutions which effectively gives them the power to legally confiscate (steal) your bank savings to ‘bail out’ the banks in a financial crisis.

Not more than 1 in 100 people seem to know about this, based on my recent conversations with audiences right around Australia – which is alarming to me, especially considering my audiences are, in general, above average, switched-on, pro-active investors.

It’s time to get prepared as quickly as possible and I highly recommend you definitely register for this Free Content-Only Webinar on precious metals and Gold.
The next elephant in the room this month is the NSW Governments proposed changes to the Fair Trading Amendment (Short-term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018, which indicates how they are likely to regulate short-stay accommodation including Airbnb™.

It’s important to note that these reforms, if and when enacted, should provide significantly greater certainty to all involved in this industry in NSW. And, as entrepreneurs, we will always find a way to meet our obligations and serve the customer at a worthwhile profit.

In light of this, we have decided to host a new round of national workshops including Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on the incredible opportunity Airbnb™ represents (see below).

Whilst average residential rental returns in major cities may vary between 2.5% – 4%, a well-managed Airbnb™ property can gross between 8% – 12%. As bank lending criteria gets tighter and tighter, this is still one of the greatest opportunities in property today.

Also, property owners are looking for professionals in this space to partner with… and with the right training, that could be you. Be sure to attend our Free national Airbnb™ training.

>> FREE 2-Hour Airbnb™ Education Event **Strictly Limited Seats** <<
You simply can’t afford to miss this timely opportunity about one of the fastest-growing property marketplaces on the planet, and discover:

✓ The exact step-by-step formula they used to create over $9,400 a month profit within 90 days on Airbnb™

✓ How to find properties ideal for Airbnb™ that can give you positive cashflow to the tune of $10K – $30K per property, per year (a few of these could quickly replace your income)

✓ How to get property owners to say ‘YES!’ to your proposal to list their property on Airbnb™

✓ How it’s possible to automate & systemise 90% of every last aspect of your business so
you have a mostly passive full-time income with very part-time effort!

✓ The secrets to getting 80%+ occupancy week-in, week-out, all year from your listing

✓ The insider tips & tricks proven to set your listings apart & practically guarantee a full calendar & rave reviews

✓ And MUCH, much more!

But Fair Warning: Numbers are strictly limited. Last time several events booked out in advance. This will definitely be the last time we share this info this financial year. The Airbnb™ professional window will not stay open forever. Now is your time to act.

 Expert Videos 
The True Art Of Negotiation

It's said that something is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it!
And in my success tip this month, I talk about why it pays to know the art of negotiation.


The Secret Is Innovation

Internationally Recognised Amazon Expert, Adam Hudson, explains why innovation is a key to safety in any business, especially when selling in a global marketplace.


The Power Of Systems

Leading Airbnb Expert, Nicole Byerlee, discusses the importance of processes and systems, and how they can be used to leverage your time for the best outcome.


Which Reno Strategy Is Best​​​​​​?

Rapid Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay, shares her pro tips on the importance of creating a renovation strategy and how to identify which one is best for you.


Making Money While You Sleep

Renowned Website Investor and Online Entrepreneur Matt Raad explains how he makes money while he sleeps from his online website investments.


 Event Photos 
Hanging out with Amazon Guru Adam Hudson, GM Joe and Ops Manager Lisa

Team members Mike and Tracy with Rapid Reno Expert Naomi Findlay

Michael, Serena, Tumai, Tracy, Mike, Chris, Vic and Harley from Melbourne

Helen, Kalie, Katriin, Michelle, Andrew, Jess and Henry from Brisbane

Team members Jess and Kalie at our Brisbane Renovation event

Christine, Michael, Helen, Dave, Stuart & Anastasia at a wedding in Sydney

 Post of the Month 
Our recent 3-city East Coast renovation tour with Rapid Reno Expert Naomi Findlay was a huge success and a BIG THANKS to all who attended... especially those in Sydney who didn't let the wet weather dampen their spirits!
Recipe of the Month

Chickpea & Potato Curry
(By Sarah Gordon)

The Chana Aloo curry is a popular Indian vegetarian dish. Fast, easy to make and bursting with flavour, this authentic recipe is perfect for a quick evening meal and best served with rice or roti.
Download The Recipe Now!
 Book of the Month 
'Gold For Australian Investors' by Jordan Eliseo
This is the first book written specifically for local investors wanting to better understand how the gold market works. The book looks at the performance of Australian dollar gold over the last 45 years; its interaction with other asset classes, and the benefit the precious metal can bring to Australian investors holding it as a core asset in their portfolio.
Check It Out Now!
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