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Welcome to our new-look May 2018 Newsletter.

Clearly property is our love and focus here at ZPE, and preferred method to creating and storing wealth. And I believe over 12 years, 175,000 property books in print, hundreds of seminars and, speaking live to over 50,000 people, I’ve made my position clear.

The secret to wealth is to ‘add value’, and only invest in active strategies, not passive.

Wealthy people know, “you do the work, not the market.”

I really couldn’t state it any simpler.

Earlier this month we completed a national tour with our Airbnb™ strategy. Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of it. It was great to do a full lap of the country and also head back to Adelaide this time too!

What I love about this strategy is the relatively low financial risk, quick profit potential and low barriers to entry right now. If you missed that live tour, stay tuned for an announcement soon.

My other love in property and which has made me a lot of money, is renovation. Renovation, for me, is the ever-green ‘go-to’ strategy in property, in all markets. Done right, it too has a relatively low financial risk, and quick profit potential.

Having said that, lots of things can go wrong too, when it comes to renovating. Potentially hundreds of little things that can take your profits, once you find a deal that works. I’ve heard plenty of stories from unsuspecting, first-time renovators over the years that have made no money, or even lost money from a reno.

Yet, at the same time, I personally know clients making $60K - $90K+ on virtually every renovation they do.

What’s the difference?

The difference is one has a tried-and-tested, proven system built by someone who is a veteran of 114 renovations, with a meticulous, ‘science-y’ brain that has encountered just about everything you could ever imagine on a renovation and systemised it... and the other thinks they can ‘wing it’.

If you’ve ever wanted to make real money from renovations, be sure to check out my gift of the month below with Australia’s Leading Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay.

Also, I hope you’ll enjoy my quick Video of the Month on the importance of, and some tips and tricks to find and hire a great build and pest inspector.

Finally, in my January 2018 newsletter I gave my 5 What’s Hot money-making opportunities for 2018. Here’s a quick half-year update on a few:
The Canadian government will legalise the recreational use of marijuana throughout the country by July 2018. Fortunes are and will be made. One idea is to research investing into stocks that grow, market, support or supply this industry. This ranges from farm land, to equipment, to Cryptocurrencies that facilitate it’s trade.

FUN FACT: There is no such thing as ‘Marijuana’ as such. Marijuana is a made up name, of the two most popular Hispanic names Maria and Juan - and used to scare and mislead the U.S. Congress, demonise the plant, get it mis-classed as an A1 drug, and to have its use outlawed decades ago, mostly to protect the financial interests of the huge cotton and pharmaceutical industries. It’s widespread rediscovery and adoption could render both irrelevant.

The plant is Cannabis Sativa. It is a miracle plant, and the real story here is the miraculous medicinal use of Cannabis for treating disease and health purposes (Google The Sacred Plant 7-Part Docuseries for more information) and the incredible versatility and use of its fibre.
The Gold/Silver ratio still sits at around 79. That means 79 ounces of silver is required to purchase one ounce of gold. This is statistically extreme and could indicate that silver is severely undervalued at the moment. If it just reverts somewhere back to its mean historical ratio, it could go up multiples and quickly.

Also, in this day of cyber threats, Australia’s new bank bail-in laws, and near-zero financial privacy, many believe owning physical gold and silver privately makes sense.
I had a conversation with a very successful businessman in my building in Sutherland recently, where he shook his head at me promoting Cryptocurrency saying, ‘it’s not even regulated’. I had to laugh.

Had he looked at the findings of the current royal commission into Australian banking, he would find one of the most regulated industries on the planet, turns out, surprise, surprise, is also one of the most corrupt. So much for regulation!

And once this commission has run its course, and the masses are appeased with some minor tweaks and changes (no one will go to jail mind you), life will move on.

And all this being a distraction from the real truth – that the whole ‘modern financial’ system is a Ponzi scheme, whereby a group or private, unelected and unaccountable (mostly) men, produce fiat currency out of thin air, ‘loan’ it to the government, which spends it without restraint and then extorts interest payments on money that doesn’t exist, from a debt-slavery system called income tax on a largely ignorant and hopelessly brainwashed population.

Henry Ford said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Many Americans now know that the U.S. Federal Reserve is not federal, and has no reserve​s. Will Australians wake up soon and find out, shock horror, The Reserve Bank of Australia is the same?

Anyway, back to Crypto… for those that think Crypto is going away, I believe (as stated back in January) it’s on track for mass adoption this year.

Here’s two stories you likely won’t see on your mainstream ‘fake media’ news anytime soon:

>​​​ The German government in February 2018 has just issued tax guidance saying that they will treat any purchases using Bitcoin, or other Cryptocurrencies, the same as a purchase with any other money.

>​​​​ Seminole County in Florida, on May 14, 2018 has announced it will begin accepting Cryptocurrency for payment for various services in an effort to eliminate heavy fees and improve payment accuracy and efficiency.

FREE Renovation Training with Naomi Findlay

Australia's Leading Renovation Expert Reveals...

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Forget negative-gearing, passive investing, and wishful ‘buy-hold-hope-and-pray’ strategies…

... Take advantage of a step-by-step formula to transform tired, old properties for massive profits, huge rental increases and fast capital growth, that could set you up for life with a $100,000.00+ annual income renovation business… in the next 90 days.

That’s exactly what wife and mother of four, Naomi Findlay did. And now, for the first and final time this year, in a dedicated, Live tour, she will reveal her renovation secrets.
Fair Warning: Because Naomi believes every child has the right to an education, she has committed to building 3 schools in Cambodia later this year. As a result, her time is severely limited, so this will be an East-Coast Tour only.

This will also be your last chance to discover this strategy Live from Naomi on stage this year. We are confident these events will book out. So book your FREE seats right now, while you still can.

>> www.NaomiFindlayLive.com.au <<

​​​​​​​Enjoy this month’s newsletter and I look forward to seeing at an event soon.

​​​​​​​Get Informed & Get Educated.
Gift of the Month
 Expert Videos 
Building & Pest Inspections

Building & Pest Inspection Reports can save you thousands on your property investment and are a small cost to pay for confidence ahead of settlement.


To Sell Or Not Sell

Rapid Renovation Expert Naomi Findlay highlights the benefits of selling versus not selling after you've successfully completed your renovation project.


Why Airbnb And Why Now

Leading Airbnb Expert Aaron Byerlee delivers some powerful stats on why he simply couldn't ignore this incredible new age business for income and lifestyle.


27 Transactions From Freedom

Amazon Expert Adam Hudson shares why the number 27 can create an annual income of almost $100,000 and why it's so important to have digital assets.


 Event Photos 
Rapid Reno Expert Naomi with GM Jasi on our way to the airport in Brisbane

Success story TC from Sydney popped in to learn more about the power of Airbnb

WA crew Paul, Colette, Noelene, Carissa, Lauren & Todd with Airbnb Expert Nicole

Some of my Sydney crew - Anastasia, Angii, Steve, Pete, Stuart & Kim

Celebrating after the Airbnb Melbourne event with some of my VIC crew

Social catch up with Tumai, Tracey, Lani, Dean & Mike from Melbourne

Brisbane crew Sara, Andrew, Michelle, Henry, Katriin, Serran & Helen with Jasi

Jam-packed Airbnb event with Nicole & Aaron Byerlee in Sydney

 Post of the Month 
We've just completed a brand new Airbnb national tour with experts, Nicole & Aaron, and the feedback has been incredible. But this beautiful card from Frank of WA is my Post of the Month. Frank attended my 3-day Success Accelerator event late last year and has been proudly smashing through his goals ever since.
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Vegan Lentil Dahl with Rice & Rocket by Sarah Gordon
Ready in under 20 minutes, this easy-to-make vegan lentil dahl dish is full of goodness. Serve as a side or a main with quinoa or rice, you'll love this satisfying, super-tasty vegan favourite.
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 Book of the Month 
'88 The Narrow Road'
by Felix Denis
Felix Dennis is one of Britain's wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs. And he didn't get there by simply reading about how to get rich. He went out and did it. "88 The Narrow Road" is for those determined to get rich, for those who will not confuse reading with doing, and for those who seek the narrow road.
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